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Dentalhygenic treatments

Dentalhygenic treatments line

The goal of our dentalhygenic treatment is to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Preventive measures are key to avoiding more serious operations caused by neglecting smaller issues.

We not only clean your teeth and gums thorough, but we also provide personalised cleaning tips and you can ask all your questions regarding dental equipment, methods and treatments.

The dentalhygenic plan contains whitening, tartar removal and other cosmetic treatments. Tartar affects natural teeth, but it can also subside on fillings and bridges, so regular removal ensures the extended well being of the mouth.

If you would like to keep your teeth healthy, please visit your dentist once every half year.

Dentalhygenic treatments
12000 Ft
keeping order
35000 Ft
Tartar removal
6000 Ft
full mouth
15000 Ft