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Diagnostics and consultation

Diagnostics and consultation line

Our experts await you at our dental clinic among the most modern diagnostic equipment currently available. We make a full checkup at our first appointment, which contains a free and thorough mouth examination. If required, our advanced x-ray machines are availabe on demand, so even hidden problems can be found fast and easy. Dental x-rays provide a deep analysis of the visible and invisible abnormailities that could not be detected with other examination methods.

For example:

  • early signs of decay on the surface between the teeth
  • decay caused by old fillings, also known as secondary caries
  • deep gum inflammation
  • bone fragments left by bone decay
  • chornic inflammation caused by improper root fillings
  • cysts in the mouth

Our methods

After the full examination and x-ray results we create a personal care plan, which provides our profession advice regarding the found problems, free of charge. Then we hold a consultation of the treament methods and alternatives, so you will be well informed before making a decision.

Diagnostics and consultation
intraoral X-ray
2500 Ft
panoramic X-ray
4000 Ft
consultation and health check