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Dental implantation is the most advanced method of replacing the teeth, the other teeth are the least offensive and the long-term success is very good. This scientifically well-established, clinically proven method of replacing missing teeth with "artificial root", dental implants, and specially crafted crowns and bridges. The purpose of implantation is to complete prosthetic restoration, ie to make perfectly and aesthetic prosthetics.

Implantation is known by many as a dental implant, but there is no real implantation of teeth. During implantation, we usually build a titanium sculpture (artificial root) in the jaw, and then we create a body that faithfully reflects the original anatomical properties of the teeth. Repellents are very similar to natural teeth, the difference is almost unnoticeable. The superstructure can be a cover bar, a bridge, or even a full disc removable prosthesis.

50000 Ft
implant implantation
150000 Ft