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Oral surgery

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The most well-known method of oral surgery is, for example, the removal of wisdom teeth, the removal of the tooth root or the inflammatory diseases of the jaw. In general, oral surgery is recommended when major changes in the mouth, such as cysts or lesions, occur - these interventions mostly require surgical precision.

Unfortunately, the tooth removal does not always mean simple tooth extraction. In complex problems, oral surgery may be required. For example, when the tooth is covered by gums or bones. As wisdom teeth evolve, it may not be able to overcome without intervention, if ignored, it can lead to serious problems over time. Often oral surgery is required to remove wisdom teeth.

Oral surgery
alveolitis treatment
7000 Ft
wisdom tooth removal surgically
30000 Ft
simple tooth removal
12000 Ft
root peak resection
25000 Ft
8000 Ft
pericoronitis (bölcsességfog gyulladásának kezelése)
9000 Ft
dentistry tooth extraction
20000 Ft