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Pediatric dentistry

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Most of the emphasis placed on prevention and upkeep of the child's teeth dental treatments.

The emerging developing teeth problems differ from those observed in adult's teeth. The child is not a small adult, and this is especially true for oral or oral cavities, so childcare is a very complex area, which is similar to adult dental treatments, but the methods of healing are different.

For children, the first tooth appears, you should start brushing on a daily basis, so this is the development of complete dentures will be one of the child's life routine tasks.

Hygiene and dental care at school age and in the previous period greatly affect the state of the adult's oral cavity and teeth.

The development of the dentition

The development of milk teeth begins in the 8th week of the fetal life and before the birth the total number of milk teeth increases and the crowns of the central milks are fully developed.

Of the remaining teeth, the first large grain (the sixth tooth) germinates in the fourth month of fetal growth. From the fifth month to the first to the second month after birth, the total number of tonsils (except the 7th and 8ths) will develop and slowly begin to calcify. The germ of seven teeth is the first year of life, while the oculars (wisdom teeth) develop at age 4-5. First, the crown part of the teeth develops, and if the crown is fully developed, the root development also begins.

The knowledge of these and the correct nutrition and mineral inputs are of paramount importance to mothers since the unborn child is nourished by the mother's organism, and proteins rich in vitamins, minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.), trace elements (fluoride , molybdenum). With a careful lifestyle, contact with chemicals and the consumption of medications, we can do a lot for the health of the unborn baby's teeth, and the right diet contributes to the healthy development of jaws and teeth.

As the development of the teeth does not end with the breakthrough (the development of the root can take approximately half a year after the breakthrough), we must pay more attention to our children's nutrition.

From the appearance of the first remaining tooth (from about 6 years old) it is recommended to stop the groove, where the grooves are filled up to prevent the throat from falling, as plaque in the depths of the grooves can damage the teeth.

Pediatric dentistry
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