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Prosthetics line

The teeth will have many important roles besides chewing in our daily lives. Beside the harmonics of the face, the sound and the healthy teeth are of great importance. Even the absence of a single tooth can cause changes, so it is important to replace missing teeth. In the event of a tooth loss, the unity of the tooth may be impaired which can lead to the development of functional and aesthetic disturbances, causing further problems.

In the event of injury or loss of teeth, please contact us in order to prevent any serious problems.

cirkonium crown
60000 Ft
Emax Crown:
60000 Ft
crown of metal ceramics
30000 Ft
bite lift rails
20000 Ft
Foreign crowns made in surgery
4000 Ft
Foreign technician crown
9000 Ft -tól
composite inlay, onlay
40000 Ft
remove crown bridge per member
2000 Ft
dental prosthesis
25000 Ft
denture repair
12000 Ft -tól
porcelain shell
90000 Ft
full lower / upper dentures per jaw
110000 Ft
fiber optic spigot
20000 Ft